zIFBoards Free Forum Hosting FAQ

1. Does zIFBoards allow me to edit my forum's logo, images, and style?... Yes, you can change the logo and replace it with your own. In addition, you can change the colors and images on your forum.

2. Can I install modifications to my forum?... We offer hundreds of Javascript codes that can be added to your forum easily. You can also request a feature to be added to all forums.

3. Can my forum be backed up?... We perform frequent backups that are free and automatic. They are not available to download though.

4. What types of ads are displayed on my forum?... A single ad banner is displayed. The banner ad can be removed for a small fee. We do not sell your email address or the email addresses of those that register on your forum. We also do not display pop-ups or pop-under ads. We avoid any type of advertising that would be considered annoying.

5. What type of support is available?... We give free full support that rivals support for paid services. You can receive support through our public support forum or by a private ticket system located in the Admin Control Panel of your forum.

6. What limits exist on the free forum hosting?... We provide 16MB of space for uploaded files. You can purchase more space if you need it. You must agree to our Terms of Service. We do not limit the bandwidth (data transfer) of your forum. In addition we do not impose a limit on the number of posts, topics, or members your free forum has.

7. Do you provide FTP access?... We do not provide FTP access at this time as it is not needed. Your free forum comes pre-installed on the service. Images and file attachments can be uploaded from your browser.

8. How is the service free?... zIFBoards is supported by the banner ad on each free forum.

9. What will my URL look like?... The URL of you forum will look similar to s6.zIFBoards.com/your_forum/. With our Domain Manager, you can use your own .com or similar domain with your forum for free!

If your question is not addressed here, feel free to post it on our support forum.