zIFBoards Free Forum Hosting Feature List

While this list includes an in-depth look at what is available, it does not list every feature zIFBoards has to offer.

Popular Features

  • Full Customization via CSS
  • Free Support for Custom Domains
  • Calendar Events
  • Integrated Automatic Spam Prevention
  • Pinned (Sticky) Topics
  • A 100% free forum with no pop-ups, spam, or other annoying tricks.

Forum Index

  • Birthdays
  • Active users list
  • Calendar Events
  • Forum Statistics


  • Topic sorting options
  • Users browsing this forum
  • Subscribe to forum; track new topics
  • Sub-forums


  • Topic subscription; track new posts
  • Printable topics
  • Sort topic by newest or oldest post
  • Users reading this topic


  • BBCode for formatting posts (Bold, italic, email, link, image, underline, color, size, font, quote, code, list, subscript, superscript, and horizontal rule)
  • Guided BBCode mode
  • Clickable Smilies
  • Moderator options while posting
  • Upload attachment file
  • Post icons
  • Polls

PM (Personal Messenger) System

  • BBCode for formatting messages
  • Custom Folders
  • Archive messages as Excel or HTML file
  • PM tracking
  • Unsend messages
  • Save sent messages
  • Buddy and block list

User Control Panel

  • Upload avatar; Linked avatar; Avatar Gallery
  • Personal Photo
  • Email preferences
  • Personal viewing preferences (View signatures, view images, view avatars, PM pop-up notification, and number of posts/topics per page)
  • Signature
  • Profile
  • Account summary, with personal notepad


  • BBCode for formatting events
  • Public and Personal events
  • Recurring events
  • Multiple day events


  • Full list of members
  • Search by name
  • Sorting options


  • New topics since your last visit
  • New replies to topics you started
  • Your last 10 posts

Admin Control Panel

  • File manager
  • Settings and Preferences (Security, COPPA, General Settings, Date and Time, Portal Settings, Warning Settings, Profile/PM/Post/Topic/Poll Settings)
  • Support Tickets
  • Manage forums
  • Manage moderators
  • Manage topic multi-moderation
  • Ban by IP, Email, Username
  • Email members
  • User titles/ranks
  • Pre-register and edit members
  • Delete members
  • Suspend members
  • Change username
  • Custom Emoticons (Smilies)
  • Statistics Center (Registrations, posts, PM, topics, and topic views)
  • Logs (Admin, Moderator, Email, and Warnings)


  • Customized forum style with CSS
  • Custom images
  • Forum wrappers (headers and footers)

Moderator Control Panel

  • Manage Queued Posts/Topics
  • Manage members (profile and signature)
  • Prune forums
  • Mass-move topics
  • Manage topics


  • Move topic
  • Close/lock topic
  • Edit title
  • Pin (Sticky) topic
  • Bump topic
  • Unsubscribe everyone from topic
  • Merge two topics into one
  • Split one topic into two
  • View moderated history of topic
  • Custom multi-moderation
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