Report Terms of Service Violation

Please select what type of violation you wish to report.
To report spam email, forward the full email (including all headers) to [email protected]
Important Information:
If you are reporting spam advertising by IRC, message board post, or message board PM you must include the IP address of the spammer in your report.
You must include links to examples of the violation you are reporting. Reports without adequate links to examples will not be processed.
Please note that any hacking activity reported must include links to evidence on the reported board such as posts admitting the attack or planning the attack.
Whenever possible, you should contact the administration of the board before reporting a board for excessive profanity, adult content, or warez. Be sure to include in your report how you contacted (email/PM/Post) the administration and what the response was. If you do not contact the administration first, you may be requested to do so before your report is processed.

Sending in duplicate reports or encouraging others to send in additional reports for the same board will not result in faster action. Your report(s) may be substantially delayed for additional investigation or not processed.