zIFBoards Tips & Tricks

Saving Time on Queued Topics/Posts

In the Moderator CP you can click on the number of queued posts or topics to be taken directly to the approval screen.

Common Permissions Mistake

Can your validating members see your forums?
Many boards hide their forums and topics from guests. If your forum also requires that new members be validated by email or by admin, you should be sure you have not made this mistake. A member awaiting validation is placed in the validating group. While not logged in by default, they can login to their validating account. If your forum permission masks are incorrect then a validating member can see forums and read posts. To check to see if you have this flaw, register an account on your board and then login without validating it. Make sure you can not see anything you do not want guests to see. To fix the problem, just edit the permission masks on your forums to restrict the validating group.

Deleting Moved Topic Links

To delete moved topic links, go to your Moderator CP and select the forum from which you want to remove links. Chose the 'Mass Move/Prune Topics' option. Choose 'Prune Only' and 'Moved linked Topics only'. Fill out the rest of the form to match which links you wish to remove and then submit it.

Unsend a PM

When sending a PM select the 'Track this message?' option. If you need to unsend that PM, go to the Message Tracker section of your Messenger. If the PM is still unread you can select it and delete it.

Hidden BBCodes

In addition to the BBCodes such as bold or underline, there are several BBCodes that have no buttons.
  • [hr] can be used to make a horizontal line as a divider.
  • [sup]superscript[/sup] will make superscript text.
  • [sub]subscript[/sub] will make subscript text.
  • [html]<a href="www">link</a>[/html] highlights HTML code.
  • [sql]SELECT * FROM table;[/sql] highlights SQL queries.

Preserve Spacing

If you have ever tried to post text formatted with just spaces and tabs you will find that it loses its formatting upon posting. To keep the text formatted just use the [Code] BBCode (ex: [code]formatted text[/code]).

Quick Copyright, Trademark, and Registered Trademark Symbols

A post with (c) turns into ©. A post with (tm) turns into ™. A post with (r) turns into ®.

Marking Forum as Read

Clicking a forum icon ( ) will mark the forum as read.